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Fred Goldhaber represents the second of three physics generations in his family. Collaboration with his parents led to what may have been the first mother-son publications in physics. Among his research publications are articles on magnetic monopoles, elementary particles, nuclei, condensed matter, and, recently, cosmology. Themes that help to bind these topics together include the principle of gauge invariance, the use of classical limits and the correspondence principle, and the study of long-distance, low-energy constraints on objects that may have quite high-energy internal structure. He is co-author of three review articles, “Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Limits on the Photon Mass,” “Hypothetical Particles” (with Jack Smith), and “High-Energy Collisions of Nuclei,” as well as an annotated bibliography, Magnetic Monopoles. He enjoys hindsight heuristics, asking why people made discoveries later than they might have; understanding this better could aid future discoveries.



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