We at ROPI are passionate about our work. We aim to publish books that we enjoy reading ourselves and books that we would like to introduce to our readers. We aspire to broaden common perceptions about science by emphasising the common features it shares with other fields, as well as by exploring the historical aspects of its evolution.
In addition, we pay great attention to the design of our books, as we believe that typography and design are crucial elements in the reading experience; especially for modern readers that are used in reading texts across so many different platforms. We wish to offer well-designed and easy-to-read books that will spark the interest of even those readers with little experience in scientific matters.

ROPI focuses on the following areas

Interdisciplinarity between science/technology and other fields.

In our publishing programme we are interested in the interaction between science/technology and the fields of arts, philosophy and religion. We are planning to include titles both from major international publishers and from small independent publishing houses, promoting academic excellence and putting forward intriguing arguments on the discussion between science/technology with arts, philosophy and other fields. We also plan to translate works of young Greek scholars, relevant to the above topic areas, into English with the aim of introducing them to the international public. Finally, we aim to introduce a number of essays, articles, and lectures that have either never been published before or were published years ago, but are not widely available in a modern format or have been neglected.

Academic textbooks

Popular belief has it that academic textbooks are often boring and impersonal. We want to change that! As we believe that textbooks should present information in an unconventional, original way to attract the students’ attention, as well as appeal to the general public, we plan to publish a series of engaging textbooks for various courses in Greek universities.

Monographs, Scholarly Catalogues and Biographies highlighting the link between Science and the Arts

We plan to publish collections of writings and other works of artists who focus on and redefine the interaction of art with science and technology. Our publishing programme also includes theatrical plays inspired by discoveries or scientists, with the aim of showing how scientific progress comes about, while emphasising that science is not a linear story of successes, but failures and mistakes have played an important role in its history as well.

Children’s books

In addition to our main publishing programme, we are going to launch a series of children’s books that will engage young readers in an adventure by introducing heroes and stories inspired by the history of science or scientific concepts. Our aim is to acquaint children with scientific methodology and ideas, while avoiding a strictly didactic approach. Moreover, this series will highlight the importance of education and explore global issues such as child labour, immigration, etc. We therefore plan to collaborate with international organisations such as the UN to reach audiences outside Greece and raise public awareness of these social problems.